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  • Green Transportation Summit & Expo August 16, 2021
    The 10th annual GTSE is the region's premier clean transportation mecca. This year's conference breaks into new space with the inclusion of the EPA's West Coast Collaborative Partner's Meeting focusing on heavy-duty diesel reductions in major fleets, a pre-event Renewable Hydrogen Symposium, and the Mobility Summit West 2020 offering a gl […]
  • Equity Tools & Resources Series #1 - Household Vehicle Fuel Use: Share of Income at the Census Tract Level June 28, 2021
    Transportation energy is a significant household cost. Household vehicle fuel consumption, one part of transportation energy costs, varies geographically, and lower-income households generally face higher energy cost burdens. Researchers from Argonne National Laboratory conducted a study that provides a finer understanding of the geographical variation in ho […]

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