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The Mission Statement of Project Clean Air

Our mission is to enhance our communities by improving air quality through education and collective action throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

"Working Together to Clean the Air"

Wild Fire Season Is Coming. 





Trucking With Clean Fuels Conference and Zero Emission Convoy 

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National Drive Electric Week 2022 

Our Event for National Drive Electric Week was a success! Thanks to all who worked on the project and those who test drove the beautiful Mustang Mach-E and Mio Car’s Chevrolet Bolt. See you next time.


Best Drive EVer 

The industry-led San Joaquin Electric Vehicle Partnership was established in 2014.  The SJVEVP

offers EV Ride and Drive EVents,
produces paid-advertising campaigns,
hosts EVs Made EZ workshops, and
conducts training for local automotive dealerships.

VELOZ gave permission to the San Joaquin Valley Clean Cities Coalition use their Best.Drive.EVer branding for our electric vehicle (EV) test drive events and videos.  To learn more about VELOZ, visit their website here.

The East Kern Air Pollution Control District provided a grant to our coalition to conduct an EV Ride […]

What You Can Do 

Want to help clean the air? The only thing that actually helps to clean the air is planting trees. Everything else just reduces pollution. With that in mind, one of the simplest things that you can do to reduce air pollution is to not let your car idle. Project Clean Air’s chapter, the Central Coast Clean Cities Coalition (C5), has launched a campaign called “No Idling” to bring attention to the health and environmental dangers of idling vehicles. Eighty percent […]