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  • Integrating Micromobility with Transit and other Modes May 25, 2023
    Micromobility, a term that covers a variety of human-powered and/or electric-assisted small vehicles, has emerged as a useful mode for augmenting existing transportation options and enabling right-size vehicle choices, primarily for short or multimodal trips. E-scooters are common in many urban areas, and e-bikes have rapidly increased in popularity as users […]
  • The Future of ATRAVEL April 27, 2023
    ATRAVEL, a new web-based tool for individuals and transportation project planners, is designed to help users examine the cost, travel time, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions impacts of various mobility options. In this “Coffee with a Researcher” session, Clean Cities coalition directors will provide feedback to Argonne’s Andrew Burnham on the types of data […]
  • Dynamic Curb Planning and Management in an Evolving Mobility Landscape March 23, 2023
    This “Coffee with a Researcher” webinar will focus on Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s work to collect critical data, develop specific performance metrics, and model curb space management scenarios to help municipalities and curb space managers optimize their space. The s […]
  • Shared Mobility Data and Usage Trends in the U.S. with a Deep-Dive Analysis of Chicago February 23, 2023
    How are new shared mobility technologies being used in communities across the United States? How does usage vary among demographic groups and regions?  This webinar will showcase the results of Argonne National Laboratory’s research on market and usage data for shared mobility technologies, including bikeshare, e-scooter, and transportation network companies […]
  • BEAM CORE: Agent-Based Model to Simulate Transportation Behaviors on a Regional Scale January 26, 2023
    BEAM specializes in realistically simulating travel behaviors, incorporating a comprehensive set of transportation modes beyond personal vehicles, including all forms of public transit, active modes like walking and biking, as well as innovative services such as ride-hailing provided by transportation network companies [e.g. Uber, Lyft] and micro-mobility op […]

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