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Best Drive EVer 

The industry-led San Joaquin Electric Vehicle Partnership was established in 2014.  The SJVEVP

  • offers EV Ride and Drive EVents,
  • produces paid-advertising campaigns,
  • hosts EVs Made EZ workshops, and
  • conducts training for local automotive dealerships.

VELOZ gave permission to the San Joaquin Valley Clean Cities Coalition use their Best.Drive.EVer branding for our electric vehicle (EV) test drive events and videos.  To learn more about VELOZ, visit their website here.

The East Kern Air Pollution Control District provided a grant to our coalition to conduct an EV Ride and Drive in Tehachapi during the October 2020 Apple Festival.  In response to COVID-19 concerns, we decided to produce three EV Test Drive stories – a Commuter, an Enthusiast, and a Traveler.  The videos feature Kern County EV owners and were filmed in Tehachapi, with some additional footage for the Traveler story taken in and around Bakersfield from May through July 2021.

Kern Council of Governments (Kern COG) provided additional funding and staff report to the project.

For upcoming activities, please check our website calendar.